Course Details

The golf course at Westbrook Country Club was designed by renowned architect Donald Ross in the 1920’s. With over 100 years of careful tending, the fairways and greens of the Scottish landscape have been polished to the quality of a rare jewel:


Course Overview

Ross is revered for his severely undulating greens and deep green-side bunkers. The traditional course features bent grass greens and fairways that is intriguing for golfers of all skill levels. It has been the site of two Ohio Amateurs, PGA Jr series, and an NCAA Division III final. Practice facilities include a 300 yard driving range, chipping green and putting areas.

Course Details

Hole #1

Par 4 – 430 yards

Hole 1 is a downhill short Par 4. The short hole is protected by two fairway bunkers and one greenside bunker. The green is severely sloped from left to green. When in doubt, hit your approach shot to the left side of the green.

Hole #2

Par 4 – 319 yards

This short uphill Par 4 challenges players off the tee, lay-up or go for it. A creek stretches diagonally across the fairway about 100 yards from the green. Since it is uphill, the distance to the creek is much longer than it appears. Unless you’re a bomber, lay-up short of the creek leaving yourself a short wedge shot. The green is protected by two greenside bunkers. The green is one of the most misread greens on the course. To the naked eye it appears to be flat, however it is sloped from back to front making putts moving from back to front very slick!!

Hole #3

Par 4 – 513 yards

Hole #3 is our longest Par 4 and number 1 handicap hole. From the back tees the hole stretches to 513 yards. Moreover, the green is protected by a large lake to the left side of the green. Par on hole 3 is always a bonus.

Hole #4

Par 4 – 366 yards

This short, tight Par 4 could be demanding off the tee. The fairway is lined by trees on the left and out of bounds on the right. Put your driver away on this hole and use your club that puts you in the fairway. Your approach shot will be challenging to a severely sloped back to front green guarded by bunker on all sides of the green. Keeping your ball below the hole and putting uphill will greatly increase your chances for birdie.

Hole #5

Par 5 – 505 yards

Westbrook’s first Par 5 can be very demanding. Although the scorecard shows a yardage of 505, the hole in continuously uphill and plays significantly longer than listed. Longer hitters can reach this green in two, however the putting green is the most treacherous green on the course. Leaving you approach shot below the hole is a must. Birdie or bogey, two putts on hole 5 is always the goal.

Hole #6

Par 3 – 160 yards

Our first Par 3 on the course. This short downhill hole is harder than it appears. Wind direction is hard to predict from the tees and the crowned green is protected by three bunkers. The bunker in the front of the green gives the appearance of the green being just beyond it, however it is 40 yards from the putting surface making shots to front hole locations very deceiving. Even if your ball finds the green, your challenge is not over. Hole #6 green is often one which baffles players with its slight slope from front to back. Three putts are common here.

Hole #7

Par 4 – 426 yards

From the back tee your second shot into the green will be a mid iron. The green is protected with two bunkers on the left and one on the right. If the flagstick is anywhere on the back 3rd of the green, you can not be over the green which will be a hard up and down for a par.

Hole #8

Par 5 – 506 yards

The Second Par 5 on the course plays uphill and can be reached in two, if you can keep your tee ball out of the fairway bunkers. Any shot that does not carry the front part of the green will roll back down the hill. Choosing the right club is a must. The green is protected with two bunkers, one left and one right with the front of the green breaking hard from left to right.

Hole #9

Par 3 – 171 yards

The Second Par 3 on the course plays uphill. It’s best to add 7 to 10 yards when selecting your club of the tee. The green also plays uphill from front to back on this two tier green. Par is always a good score.

Hole #10

Par 4 – 442 yards

This downhill par 4 is protected by two fairway bunkers that come into play for the longer hitters. This green slopes from left to right so aiming to the left side of the green is vital. There are no bunkers protecting the green, however severity of the green is enough of a challenge on this hole.

Hole #11

Par 4 – 359 yards

Hole #11 is a short straight away Par 4. You can hit anything from a iron to a driver. You must be straight, anything left or right will bring the trees into play. You have an opening to run up the ball short right of the green. The green slopes from left to right and is protected with three bunkers, two on the left and one on the right. If you are above the hole and the pin is front left, be careful with your first putt; you could easily putt it of the green.

Hole #12

Par 5 – 516 yards

The last of the par 5’s has a wide fairway with out of bounds on the left. The yardage is 516 but plays longer with only the longest hitters reaching the green in two with the second shot playing extremely uphill with two bunkers, one left of the green and the other one short right. There are several good pin locations on this two tier green.

Hole #13

Par 4 – 427 yards

This hole plays downhill and has five bunkers, two fairway and three surrounding the green. Stay below the hole and you should have good birdie chance.

Hole #14

Par 4 – 394 yards

Hole #14 is a slight dogleg left that plays a 1/2 club longer into the green. Make sure to pull the right club to avoid the two pot bunkers up by the green or you may be in there for a few days! Any shot over the green will bring bogey or worse into play.

Hole #15

Par 4 – 447 yards

This Hole plays downhill with a fairway bunker on the left that must be avoided along with two on the right. The green is one of the largest, so picking the right approach shot is a must. When the seasons change from summer to fall, this hole along with 13 are the most scenic on the course.

Hole #16

Par 4 – 389 yards

With a new tee box if you do not have a level lie in the fairway your second shot into a sloping left to right green will be a tough one. Bunkers surround the green and any putt going left to right breaks more than you think.

Hole #17

Par 3 – 166 yards

The last of the par 3’s plays slightly uphill and is surrounded by four bunkers. Picking the right club here is key, you have be below the hole! Any putt even with the hole or above it will definitely will bring bogey or worse into play.

Hole #18

Par 4 – 399 yards

This hole is the hardest 399 yard par 4 hole with no bunkers that you will find anywhere in the state. The scorecard says 399 yards but plays more like 475 because of the continuous climb uphill towards the clubhouse. Your second shot is always a challenge into this tricky two tiered green, guaranteed to play at least 10 to 15 yards longer. Birdie is rare and par is uncommon given the green is the toughest on the golf course.