Guest Information

If you are a guest of a member, we are delighted to welcome you to Westbrook Country Club and hope you enjoy your visit. In order to fully value the Westbrook experience, guests are asked to acquaint themselves with our rules, dress codes and traditions.

Dress Code

The Westbrook Country Club dress code is intended to ensure a congenial and elegant atmosphere in which to enjoy the Club’s facilities and services. An integral part of our tradition is the expectation that members, their families, and guests will always be neatly attired and guide by more formal standards of appearance than may prevail in public places.

Golf Course

Shirts & Sweaters

All shirts must be tucked in. Sweaters and golf fashion sweatshirts should be worn with either a collared shirt or turtleneck. Men must have sleeves and a collar, golf fashion t-shirts are acceptable. Women may wear sleeveless shirts with a collar or golf fashion t-shirts with sleeves are acceptable. Women are permitted to wear golf fashion warm-ups.

Slacks, Shorts, & Skirts

No blue jeans or denim is permitted on the Golf Course. Shorts and Skirts (and golf dresses) must be mid-thigh length. No athletic gym shorts or bathing suit/ trunks are allowed.


Club Room & Hahn Bar

Country Club Causal attire is allowed; jeans and tee shirts are permitted. “Country Club Causal” is considered to be slacks, dress denim, shirts with collars or mock turtlenecks.

Main Dining Room & Card Room

Country Club Causal attire is allowed. Jacket are appreciated, however not required for men.

Lahm Lounge

Country Club Causal for lunch service. However jackets are required for men during dinner service. Dress tee’s are allowed under jackets.

Smoking Policy

State Law prohibits smoking in any area inside the Clubhouse. Smoking is also prohibited within the Westbrook pool gates. Please refer to signage for designated smoking areas. Smoking is permitted on the back patio, outside the Pavilion, and on the golf course.